Who are Ye

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Who are Ye, Family of Stirling?

Who are we this family of old
Ancient, Scot, Young and Bold.

Strong and vibrant like the strong yet gentle ox
Supportive, builders, thinkers, we fit in no ones box.

Sensitive are we to earth, wind, fire and place,
Our souls ring with devout emotions sensitive to time -

And space.

We love all deeply, singly, we hold on tight.
Don't cross us, you will always lose that fight.

We yearn to learn quickly, we yearn to eloquently speak.
We strive to do our absolute best, to climb the highest mountain, to the peak.

Children and Families, the almighty above, this is our forever strength.
We Support and help others with no measure, no thought given to length.

Schools, Teachers, Education is our focus, the shiny red Apple.
Subjects such as English, Science, Math, with these and more we grapple.

Joyful, playful, we love our mental and physical sports,
We play them all, all different kinds, all different sorts.

To win is one objective, but over all for us is to do our best.
The lord above grace willing, he will do the rest.

Me myself, I stand tall and proud,
What a Blessing it 'tis, to be a part of the crowd.

I'm honored to call meself a heritage man, an ancient Scot.
But A Stirling, hey now, 'Tis the best I've got.

We the family of Stirling, Forever growing, forever Bold,
Forever and Forever, linked to future, present, past and old.

(c) Copyright 2000-2009 Michael L. Jex
All Rights Reserved